GlobalReport 2013

Shareholder structure


Shareholder Nº of shares % share capital
Air France Finance 19,757,204 4.41%
Malta Pension Investments (1) 4,431,061 0.99%
Treasury  shares (2) 2,290,757 0.51%
Board of Directors 471,259 0.11%
Free float (3) 420,631,669 93.98%
TOTAL 447,581,950 100.00%

(1)  Malta Pension Investments is an independent and unrelated company  to Deutsche Lufthansa AG and its group of companies.  It forms part of a group of companies owned by  "Lufthansa Pension Trust e.V." and it is the entity to which  Deutsche Lufthansa AG makes contributions to finance future retirement benefits of its employees in Germany and abroad.
Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Malta Pension Investments entered into an Agreement of 7 December 2012 (registration number with the CNMV 178604) by which Deutsche Lufthansa AG  reserves the faculty to exercise the contractual rights of the signatory shareholders of the Relationship Agreement of Amadeus IT Holding, S.A. of 29 April 2010  (registration number with the CNMV 124400), mainly, the appointment of a Director at the Board of Amadeus IT Holding, S.A., within the terms and conditions of the Relationship Agreement.

(2)  Political and economical rights of these shares are suspended to the extent they form part of the treasury stock.

(3) Within the company’s Free Float, in accordance with the information showed by the official registries of the CNMV (the Spanish Securities Market Regulator), as of  October 16, 2014, the entities Goverment of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte Ltd (4.925% of direct voting rights), MFS Investment Management (5.017% of direct voting rights), Fidelity International Ltd. (2.011% of indirect voting rights), Blackrock Inc. (5.21% of indirect voting rights) , Invesco Ltd (1.25% of indirect voting rights) and FMR LLC (3,07% of indirect voting rights).

Regarding the financial derivative transaction ("collar") carried out by Iberia over its total participation in Amadeus IT Holding S.A. (33,562,331 shares representing 7.5% of the share capital) as informed through relevant facts with registered numbers 172247 and 172254 of 7 and 8 of August 2012, respectively, its head office IAG informed the CNMV about the settlement of the said derivative transaction (relevant fact filed on July 31, 2014 with registered number 209479)